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  Markets are conversations. And I'm the guy on the left in the t-shirt and shades, rapping about something, as usual.
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Doc Searls ( is senior editor for Linux Journal, the leading magazine for the Linux "space," which has recently grown to include the front pages of most newspaper business sections and computer industry trade publications.

Doc has been writing on technology and other issues for most of his life. His byline has appeared in OMNI, PC Magazine, The Sun, Upside, and many other publications, including The Globe & Mail, Canada's national newspaper. His own Web 'zine is Reality 2.0, where much of his work for other publications is also collected.

He also continues to run The Searls Group, the Silicon Valley marketing consultancy he spun out of Hodskins Simone and Searls, which for many years was one of the top advertising and public relations agencies in the valley. HS&S was acquired by Publicis Technology in early 1998.

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