Who are we? And why are we doing this to you? Good questions. On both counts, we're not sure ourselves some days. Has a lot to do with the phase of the moon. However, we're all agreed that we'd hate to see the Internet meet the same fate that befell the poor creature pictured below.
Rick Levine

Christopher Locke

Doc Searls

David Weinberger

roadkill Here are links to our other web pages, bios and some of the articles we've written that have a general bearing on the cluetrain theme. We all got talking one day not too long ago about what essential realities many businesses are missing as they attempt to play in the Internet headspace. We got tired of invoking clichéd refrains like "clueless companies" and "they just don't get it." The cluetrain manifesto is our attempt at articulating a set of principles and dynamics we believe will determine the future experience of both individuals and institutions online. We're lobbing some bombs here. But we're also optimistic. We hope not too much so.

Let us know what you think.

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